The Portrait Process


At Oliphant Photo Company, our goal is the end game. Well before Mr. Oliphant picks up his camera up you will meet in his Chicago - Morgan Park studio for an up close look at your fine art options and how we can interpret your vision for your home. Using the most advanced photo software and pictures of the walls of your home, Mr. Oliphant will factor in your décor, your artistic taste, and your budget to create your perfect collection of portraits.


You’ll leave your Free Consultation with an idea of what you would like everyone to wear. Between then and your Portrait Session, Mr. Oliphant is available to consult about your outfits via phone, email, or zoom meeting. Together, you will finalize outfits at least one week prior to your session so there’s plenty of time for last minute changes and dry cleaning.


The big day is here! You can arrive confident knowing that you and Mr. Oliphant have collaborated on wardrobe and final products. We know how stressful it can be to have everyone in the right mood and looking their best on the day of your portrait session! Rest assured that Mr. Oliphant, in his calm, unhurried, professional way, will bring out the best in all of you and have you asking yourself why you were so worried. All that’s left to do is relax and enjoy the session! Go ahead and book a special lunch or dinner to celebrate. Our hope is that the experience of having your family photographed today is a memory you will cherish as much as you do the portraits themselves.


Two (2) weeks after your portrait session, you’ll return to the studio for a Selection Appointment with Mr. Oliphant. Your portraits will be presented on the big screen and you’ll see your Oliphant design plan come to life. Mr. Oliphant will have wall designs ready for you based on what you discussed at your Free Consultation. Your complete order will be placed at this meeting, so we highly encourage you to have all decision-makers present.


Once your order is placed, we oversee every step of the production process, ensuring that the project is perfect in every way and delivered on time (4-6 weeks). Whether we’re creating custom canvas wall portraits or framed museum quality portraits, we’ve chosen the best archival materials and take the time to design custom work that best suits the images you’ve chosen.


After investing in this collection of beautiful portraits, we highly recommend the final step of having us deliver and install it on the wall for you, spaced and balanced to perfection. All that’s left to do now is stand back, and enjoy the view.


Updating your portraits and wall art every few years as your family grows and changes is an important part of the art experience. This not only documents your children through all of the important stages of life, but also serves as a reflection of who they are now. It is our great pleasure to create a fine art retrospective of your changing family for years to come.


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